VIE: Virtual Island of Entertainment

As senior technical artist at enVie my first challenge was to improve and expand an established character pipeline. I introduced refinements producing better results in less time.vie_npc_facesI created extensive technical documentation to provide guidelines for outsourcing partners.

I worked with the animation director to improve our characters under very challenging restrictions. Careful planning and solid organization across the board was key to our success.


Luc met a strange fate

I helped bring Luc to life. An outsourcing studio delivered assets that were built to match design specifications. We populated the island with interesting personalities that gave emotional depth to the Vie experience.



Kat VonD pinup in illustrator

I used Illustrator to create line art for a selection of licensed Kat VonD tattoos.kat_pinup_in_gameI demonstrated the art live several times in review with executives, some attending remotely which worked out great. Solid planning and immediate feedback are always an advantage when working on name brand goods.

Vie_base_male_marketing_render2Above is a Mental Ray render I created for our marketing and investor relations group.

The dancing man is wearing a costume featured in Vie. I adjusted geometry, applied weighting and often worked on textures before exporting the objects from 3ds Max. Materials and shaders were applied and the pieces were integrated in to the Bigwold MMO engine. The bright colored areas show where custom colors can be purchased in game.