Guitar Hero: Van Halen

As senior technical artist on Guitar Hero: Van Halen I worked with our programming staff on R&D and provided technical support for the creative staff. My first task was to decipher and document the UI components of the game as we prepared to go in to full production.


I created several early art concepts for GH:VH

I was honored to be the primary instrument artist on GH: VH responsible for the creation and scripting of guitars, basses and microphones. Tasks included developing geometry, uv editing, texture/material/shader work and hardware options scripting to fully implement the instruments into the game.

On the drums I primarily worked on updating existing assets and providing technical assistance for our drum artists. Ultimately I was responsible for tracking and maintaining the entire set of instruments as we finished the game.

As outsourcing art manager I worked with an off site studio as we converted the game art to the Wii and PS2. I teamed up with our engineers and contractors to finish both versions ahead of schedule. I worked on asset reviews, scripting, character updates, and many other tasks on these platforms.


Millions of fans know every detail, it had to be perfect

I met with Eddie Van Halen in person, we talked about putting his guitars in to the game. Talking shop with the man who hand built and plays these iconic guitars was truly inspiring.


Promo logo created in Illustrator and Photoshop