Front Page Sports Football

As lead artist on this title I helped bring American football to life in the first Front Page Sports game.


We auditioned many local athletes and found a great cast of subjects for our game. We shot video on the lawn of Dynamix to gather the source needed to create our team vision.


I reviewed footage and picked the best takes that matched across the various angles that the athletes performed. Each frame was grabbed, rotoscoped, organized and named. Files and tracking documentation were distributed for production. The art team did a great job taking the raw footage and turning it in to fluid animation.

Jack Folliard is still an NCAA referee

Jack Folliard, legendary NCAA referee

Some moves, tackles for example, were combinations of opposing team members. This required meticulous attention to detail as each team was assigned a group of colors that would eventually be swapped for team colors.


Someone at Dynamix loaned me this silver dollar

I designed several offensive plays designed to take advantage of specific AI deficiencies. These plays were added to the playbooks and were powerful weapons that turned the tide of many games. ICBM and IFUDARE were both deadly plays in the right situation.

Ready for kickoff

Ready for kickoff

Computer Gaming World called the graphics and rotoscoped animation “very impressive”. It named Front Page Sports: Football  as one of the top product releases of 1992 and the 1993 Sports Game of the Year.