Front Page Sports: Football Pro ’97

Front Page Sports Football '97

Front Page Sports Football ’97

As lead artist on this title I continued to push the boundaries of computer graphics applied to sports simulation. Refinements in our graphics pipeline allowed us to achieve significantly faster iteration during the development cycle, greater accuracy in our motion capture process and greater visual fidelity as we took the field.

From the original press release for Front Page Sports: Football Pro ’97

“This highly rated football game now sports modem, network, and Internet play, allowing you to challenge friends to a gridiron battle. Whether you call a safety blitz or a last-second Hail Mary pass, the competition will be fierce, but an online victory is just a game away! Every pass, run, and bone-shattering tackle has authentic look and feel. With individual-player artificial intelligence and motion-captured movements, no other football sim is as genuine or comprehensive. From the first round of the draft to the final seconds of Super Bowl Sunday, Football Pro 97 delivers the big play. ”