Heart of China

Heart of China was the second game I worked on at Dynamix. I was responsible for scanning and organizing background art paintings, tracking asset progress and converting VGA images to EGA and Amiga formats.


Opening scene

Above you can see a 256 color VGA background image of the opening scene. Below is the 16 color version of the same screen in game after conversion.


Opening scene in the fixed EGA palette

I was able to mass convert most of the game art in to Macintosh format by myself using a tool I had early access to called Debablizer.


Macintosh intro screen

Hundreds of frames of animation and still images were scanned, organized, and wrangled in to the Dynamix tool set.


Many gradients were dithered by hand, a challenging process with only 16 fixed colors available .


David Lee as Chi

Adobe invited me to a demo of a soon to be released tool called Photoshop. I immediately introduced Photoshop in to the art conversion process making significant advances in turn around time and quality of the resulting artwork.