I have been making video games for over 25 years working on 30 published titles with many top companies in the industry.

I have extensive knowledge of game art production covering a wide variety of platforms and play styles. I have worked on many prototypes, experiments, proof of concept pieces and recently an unannounced VR project.

I am experienced in production management, motion capture, game play design, marketing, outsourcing, team building and other elements that go in to making successful video games.

I have used a vast range of software during my career. I learn software quickly and have helped develop and refine many in house tools. Most recently I have been using Maya, Unreal Engine 4, Perforce, Substance Painter, Simplygon, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max and a variety of proprietary software.

My goal is to work with great people, create great art and make great games.